Chapmans Serve as Honorary Co-Chairs for ConnextCare Valentine's Ball

ConnextCare is pleased to announce Drs. Pat and Jay Chapman as the Honorary Co-Chairs of the Valentine’s Ball - an event the organization will be hosting next month. The Valentine’s Ball will celebrate the last 10 years of success and prosperity in Oswego County and recognize the leaders that have made it possible.

The Chapmans have each served as physicians at ConnextCare for over 38 years. Together they have provided care for countless individuals in the greater Pulaski community. “We are honored and excited to celebrate alongside two physicians who have been so instrumental in the success of ConnextCare,” stated Tricia Peter-Clark, ConnextCare President and CEO. “The Chapmans have seen the organization through many different phases, starting when it was a single health center on Delano Street in Pulaski, to the large system we are known for today, so it seemed very fitting for these past leaders to serve in this capacity.”

The Valentine’s Ball will be held at the Tailwater Lodge on February 3rd in Altmar, NY. All proceeds from the event will be used to support the development of ConnextCare’s future leaders as they look to implement opportunities to attract and retain a dedicated workforce to ensure sustainable support and access to primary care for years to come.

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