ConnextCare Announces $40,000 In Funding from The Delta Dental Community Care Foundation

ConnextCare Announces $40,000 In Funding from The Delta Dental Community Care Foundation


(Pulaski, NY – July 27, 2023) Today, ConnextCare proudly announced a $40,000 grant from the Delta Dental Community Care Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Delta Dental of California. This funding, made possible through the Access to Care Grants Program, is dedicated to securing and increasing access to quality, affordable oral health care across the 15 states and Washington, D.C. where Delta Dental of California operates.


ConnextCare has dedicated the dollars received to support essential equipment upgrades within their remote dental programs throughout Oswego County. Currently, ConnextCare operates dental programs in the Pulaski and Fulton offices as well as at six School Based Health Centers in the Sandy Creek, APW, Pulaski, Mexico and Fulton school districts. In July 2022, ConnextCare announced that they had yet again expanded their dental program to the Manor at Seneca Hill, a skilled nursing facility in Oswego, NY.  This notable expansion last year was also made possible by funds received from a Delta Dental Community Care Foundation grant in 2022.


“We truly value and appreciate the support from the Community Care Foundation that we have received over the last several years. This year we will be using some of the dollars received to purchase new, hand-held digital x-ray units that allow our team to take an image of the student’s mouth at the school, which will then be read by the supervising dentist at our main Pulaski location. In just a few minutes, the dentist will detail a treatment plan for that student to address any concerns noted and thus treatment is expedited,” stated Tricia Peter-Clark, President and CEO for ConnextCare.


Since 2011, the Community Care Foundation has contributed more than $130 million to local community partners. The goal of these partnerships is to increase access to care, address health disparities, drive health equity and promote innovation in the oral health field. Through this strategic grant, ConnextCare can continue to provide indispensable services to the most vulnerable in the communities it serves and positively influence the lives of more individuals, including the patients and families at the School Based Health Centers and the Manor at Seneca Hill.

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