ConnextCare To Host Valentine's Ball to Commemorate Last 10 years of Growth in Oswego County

On February 3, 2024 ConnextCare will host a Valentine’s Ball to celebrate its last
10 years of success and prosperity in Oswego County. On January 1st, 2013, after several years of due diligence,
ConnextCare acquired three primary care centers from Oswego Health located in Mexico, Parish and Phoenix and two
health centers from Oswego County opportunities, Inc., located in Fulton and Oswego. The “Preserving Primary Care
Safety Net Initiative” was successfully implemented, virtually overnight, making ConnextCare the largest primary care
network in Oswego County.

The Valentine’s Ball itself is also unique, as it pays homage to a fundraiser that was held by ConnextCare (formerly
NOCHBI) in 1974. “When the ConnextCare leadership team was thinking about ways to celebrate our last 10 years of
success, we remembered an old newspaper clipping from the 1970’s that was promoting the NOCHBI Valentine’s Ball,”
stated Tricia Peter-Clark, ConnextCare’s President and CEO. “We thought this would be a great way for us to celebrate
our recent accomplishments, while also remembering the history of which NOCHBI was developed.”
The Gala will also offer an opportunity to recognize and honor the individual leaders who were instrumental in
implementing the plan that has led to ConnextCare’s success. Honorees include Daniel Dey, former ConnextCare
President and CEO; Michael Backus, former ConnextCare Board President and current President and CEO of Oswego
Health; Ellen Holst, former Director of Health and Nutrition Services at OCO; and Diane Cooper-Currier, Executive
Director of OCO.

Today, ConnextCare serves over 30,000 patients in and around Oswego County across its seven offices and eight
School Based Health Centers operating in five school districts. ConnextCare also employs over 280 employees. All
proceeds from the event will be used to support the development of ConnextCare’s future leaders as we look to
implement opportunities to attract and retain a dedicated workforce to ensure sustainable support and access to
primary care for years to come.

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