ConnextCare Transitions Patient Entrance and Screening Process Utilizing Upgraded Technology

Since March, ConnextCare’s Pulaski office has adjusted patient access, creating separate and distinct entrances for sick and well visits. Hundreds of man-hours have been devoted to screening all patients and visitors to the center for COVID-type symptoms to ensure the utmost safety during these unprecedented times.
Yesterday, ConnextCare’s Pulaski office transitioned patient access back through the main doors. New processes have been implemented through the use of technology to verify patient temperatures, more privately assess COVID-like symptoms and recent travel as well as complete patient registration.

The segregation of sick and well patients is still a priority. Through texting capability, ConnextCare will now be able to send text messages to those arriving for sick visits and pediatric visits for patients 0-2 years of age, allowing them to complete their COVID screening and patient registration from their vehicles in the parking lot. Once the web based registration forms are submitted electronically, staff will review the responses and coordinate entrance to the facility when an exam room is available and the pathway is free from other patients.
Patients who do not have a smart phone will be provided alternate instructions for communication with the office upon their arrival.

Over the past week this process was piloted at the Oswego location with positive results. After the Pulaski transition this week, the remaining locations will begin rolling out the utilization of the new technology as well.
Please watch the video below which demonstrates the process of using the thermal scanners and registration kiosks. Alternatively, QR codes have also been posted at each kiosk so patients may have a “touch-free” registration process if they choose. The code can be scanned with a smartphone and the registration process is completed on the device.

See video of the new updated process on:

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